A Personal Message from
Andrew John Harrison

Hello and welcome to Goldzone’s Relationship website. I am passionate about life; no area is more central to our quality of life than our relationships.

When our relationships are going well – we are happy. When they are full of friction – we are miserable.

I created this website to help people transform their relationships into a renewed source of joy, LOVE, and happiness.

Ideal for couples and singles to create or attract their IDEAL relationship.

It’s a Lifelong Quest

I have been on a lifelong quest for the ultimate relationship… A partnership between two equals who share a common purpose, vision, alignment of values, commitment to the ideal scene, and the willingness, skills, and knowledge to resolve differences. The journey has not been easy. But it has been the most worthwhile and fulfilling activity I have engaged in.

I invite you to raise your standards, make relationships your number one priority, and invest money, time, and energy to realize your wildest relationship dreams.

Enjoy, and I hope to see you soon…

Andrew John Harrison
Goldzone Leadership Center

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