An Exclusive Experience During The
Paris Relationship Week February 8-15, 2018.

We invite you to join us for an exclusive Parisian experience – to participate in a floral arrangement class hosted by Jeff Leatham, the Hotel George V’s acclaimed Artistic Director. The class is a rare occasion to meet the remarkable artist and to discover his truly unique way of creating flower bouquets.

Jeff Leatham’s talent extends beyond our borders and he is regularly called upon to design at the most prestigious events. When Anjou MacPherson and I first visited the Hotel George V in 2005 we fell immediately in love with the flowers, designs, and simple elegance. On subsequent trips, we were enthralled. We learned Jeff Latham’s story and bought his books from the Hotel store, took them home and instructed our florist to duplicate the designs in our penthouse.

The results have been spectacular! Flowers have a way of uplifting. Adding beauty, color, scent and a feeling of freshness. It is as if you become more beautiful seeing and smelling them.

Shared experiences are the best!

During the GOLDZONE Relationship Week in Paris, we will be focusing on ROMANCE. What is it? How to have more of it? How to romance yourself? So this is an important and fun experience we will share together to participate in a Jeff Latham Floral Art Demonstration.

Stars like Oprah Winfrey applaud Leatham’s work as he has contributed to major events such as the reopening party of the Museum of Modern Art in New York as well as collaborating with Kylie Minogue and creating the flower arrangements for Tina Turner’s wedding.

“It’s more than a class that teaches how to arrange flowers, it is a magical and unforgettable moment where our guests have the privilege to be able to assist,” says Jose Silva, Regional Vice President and General Manager of Hotel George V.

The experience includes a 2-hour lesson in one of the hotel’s salons and begins with a floral art demonstration followed by the opportunity to create your own bouquet.

Jeff is always delighted to share his passion for flowers in the place he has called home and where he has spent the last 16 years living in perfect harmony.

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