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Feb 8 to 15, 2017 – Paris, France

7-Day Vacation-Seminar


Most highly successful people would agree that their primary relationship is one of the most important areas of life – and yet few people take the time to nurture, connect, and renew their relationship.

Singles often don’t take the time to manifest the relationship of their dreams, bouncing from one person to another.

Most of what we learn about relationships are by default, accepting mediocrity, disconnection, and unhappiness instead of designing a relationship that fulfills, inspires and brings limitless joy, connection, and intimacy to both partners.

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Escape the cares of everyday life…

…Infuse your life with PASSION,

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Imagine the possibilities if you dedicated one week, once per year to the renewal and regeneration of your relationship? or, if you are single, one week to prepare yourself for your next relationship?

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Join us for a Week at One of the World’s Most Spectacular Cities

Join us, along with a small intimate group, for a relationship Vacation-Seminar. The seminar venue includes classic and romantic hotels located in the center of one of world’s most beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated cities. You will experience the real Paris, it’s people, architecture, style, and extraordinary spiritual, connecting, and romantic atmosphere.



For most people they experience fleeting moments of the Goldzone in their relationship, however, cannot sustain it for long. This seminar is designed to give you a lasting memory of Goldzone Living as it applies to relationships and an intimate experience that will be an anchor for you to create this same essence in your relationship (or future relationship) at home.


Rest, Renew, Play & Learn

This seminar is designed to provide you with rest, renewal, increased relationship skills, knowledge, understanding and an experience of connected sexuality. It will deepen your relationship, bath you in romance, yet provide plenty of vacation/playtime.


You will experience the city as few tourists do, in an atmosphere of extraordinary tranquility, healing and romance.


Sacred Sexuality

One popular area of focus for this session is “Sacred Sensuality and Sexuality.”

There are four primary levels of sexual connection:

  • Functional (level 1 to 10)
  • Technical (level 10 to 100)
  • Connected (level 100 to 1,000)
  • Sacred (level 1,000 to infinity)

Most couples occasionally experience connected sex and very rarely sacred sex. This Vacation-Seminar is about bringing all four levels into your everyday life on an ongoing basis.

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Love results from specific decisions made and actions taken by individuals in a relationship. Love matures when individuals mature emotionally and sexually. In this seminar, you will learn the decisions that you need to make and the actions you need to take to energize your relationship with passion and love and to move your relationship into the Goldzone.


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The ultimate goal of this vacation-seminar is to fully know and apply the universal principles of Love, Romance, Connection and Partnership to your everyday life, and to re-experience and reinfuse your relationship with Lifeforce, vitality, joy and intimacy… and in order to do that… means getting away from your regular everyday life to a venue and experience when you can literally touch, see, feel and be part of the extraordinary where the cares of the world are a distant memory…


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Your Vacation-Seminar Curriculum Includes:

  • Deepen passion, commitment, and liveness
  • Fall deeply in love and maintain the experience
  • Increase generosity and appreciation
  • Improved communication skills
  • Overcome the fears and defenses that block intimacy
  • Use conflict to create greater understanding
  • Release the creativity of each partner
  • Resolve struggles for control
  • More joyous sexuality
  • Learn to use relationship as a tool for personal transformation
  • Discover the humor, playfulness and fun in your partner
  • Fully understand the principles of masculinity and femininity
  • Learn how to transform your bedroom into a boudoir
  • Understand the connection between sex and money
  • Learn to create a romantic environment, anytime, anywhere

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Your Vacation-Seminar Package Includes:

  • Transport from the airport to and from the Hotel
  • Transport for other activities
  • One surprise, fun activity
  • 7 Days of Seminar sessions
  • Romantic Valentines dinner
  • Private sessions and personal coaching
  • Plus much more!

Your Vacation-Seminar Investment:

  • US$5,000 per person
  • US$8,000 per couple

As the Hotel accommodation is limited to a small number of rooms,
we recommend that you register early.

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